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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chapter 43

Harley walked into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Sambora putting an apron on and quickly
began to fuss, "Oh! Please, let me cook for you? I'd love to make a country meal for
you all." she half asked and half demanded. "Besides you've cooked enough meals for him
over the years. It's time for you to take a break." Harley said, with a warm smile on her face.
"Oh dear, that would be lovely. I'm used to cooking for my Richie whenever I come out to
see him. I didn't even stop and think to ask you." Mrs. Sambora took off her apron and handed
it to Harley, with a kiss on her cheek.

Richie walked in and saw both of them together and smiled. "What are 2 of my 3 favorite
ladies doing?" he asked, kissing his mom and putting his arm around her. Harley loved how
affectionate he was towards his mom. "Harley asked if she could make us dinner tonight and
I'm all to happy to have a night off." she said, giving Richie a squeeze around his waist.
"Chicken was the planned meal for tonight. It's all that's thawed. You'll have to make
something with that dear. I'm going to get some rest before dinner." she said, as she walked
out of the kitchen.

"You're mom is adorable, Rich." Harley said as she put the apron on. "Thank you, darlin' but
I gotta say, I'm diggin that apron look on you. It's gettin me hard." he said with a devilish
look on his face. "Will you get outta here? I need to cook and concentrate and I cannot do
that with you groping at me." she said, pushing him away from her. Harley loved his hands
on her. She never felt more alive or turned on, for that matter.

Harley decided to make a Broasted Chicken with Carrots, Potatoes, and Shallots. Standing
at the island counter top, chopping her vegetables up, she was deep in thought. She let
her mind drift into the future and all that it could be. Stopping for a while on her wedding.
Did she want a big wedding or a small one with family? 'Who cares, Harley? You're
marrying THAT man.', she thought to herself.

Continuing to cut the vegetables with a big butcher knife, because she couldn't find a smaller
one that suited her. Harley was trying not to lose focus on the task at hand too much or she feared
she may cut herself with the sharp instrument.

Warmth crept up her back and she felt his hand brush her long hair away from her neck.
Richie snapped her into the here and now. Feeling his breathe on her skin was nearly
unbearable. She wanted to turn around but didn't dare. It's not a bad thing to play hard to get.
Without any warning, Richie's hand went inside the front of her yoga pants. Sliding his fingers
down into her warmth. His finger gently brushed her clit and she gasped, dropping the knife
instantly on the cutting board. "No, Ava!" she breathed out. "She's not here." he said gruffly.
"I told you that apron turned me on." he whispered in her ear. Harley began to turn around but
Richie stopped her. "No. Don't move." he demanded. His finger heavier on her. Circling her
clit and applying more pressure. Pressing himself up against her, she could feel how hard he
was and wanted to touch him too. Her left hand left the counter and went behind her back, as
she found the hard outline of his jeans. His fingers slid down her crease, as if to feel how wet
she was and if she could take him. Richie was surprised to feel just how ready for him she was.
He let out a soft moan and inserted two fingers inside her. Harley's legs buckled, as Richie
brought his left arm around her waist to hold her up. Bending her over the island counter, his
long fingers continued to slid in and out. Pulling out to rub her clit in between strokes. The
tightness was welling up inside her and he could feel it. Harley's breathing was out of control
as she held on to the edges of the counter, ready to explode into a sweet orgasm. Pushing a
third finger inside, Harley came so hard, that her head hit the counter and she felt the cold
steel of the knife on her cheek. As her breathing began to settle, Richie pulled his hand
out of her pants and wrapped both hands around her waist, pulling her back up. "I want more."
she whispered to him. "Later." he answered, as he put his hand over her neck, gently turning
her head, he parted her lips with his tongue. Harley let out a deep moan of acceptance and
returning excitement. Wrapping her hand in his hair on the back of his head. Harley
knew that he was letting her know what she was in for tonight and oh how she loved
the idea.

Richie softened the kiss and released her mouth over his, "I can't wait to taste what your
making me." biting her lower lip softly, then let go of her. "If you'll excuse me,
I have to go calm down a bit. See you in a few, sweetheart." he said.
Harley's breathing was nearly back to normal as she watched him leave the kitchen.
Looking down at the cutting board, trailing the spot on her cheek, that just moments ago was
pressed against the butcher knife during her orgasm. 'Damn' she said in a whisper, as she
picked it up and began slicing the remainder of her carrots.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chapter 42

Ava stood up from the table and ran upstairs, slamming her bedroom door. "Ava!", Richie
yelled after her, hoping she would turn around and talk things through. Sitting back down
at the table, Richie put his face in his hands. He was thankful that he had talked to her
privately, without Harley or his Mom present. Richie wanted to announce it over dinner, but
Harley thought that may not be the best idea. She was right.

"What did you expect, Son?" he looked up, as his Mom sat down at the table with him. "You
heard?" he asked. She raised her eyebrows and nodded, "Yes, I did." she answered. "This
wasn't the response I thought she'd give. She said she liked her and was happy to have
her in my life. I thought she would be happy." he said, flustered. "My Richie." Mrs. Sambora
said, shaking her head. "Just because she likes her, doesn't mean she is ready to have her
as a new Mom. These things take time. She just met her." she explained to him. "Can I ask you
a question, Richie?" she asked. "Of course." he answered, his face showing his stress. She reached
for his hand, "Why the rush to get married?" she asked him. As she held his hand, he placed
his other hand over hers, "Mom, she makes me happy. I feel alive with her. I don't feel alone
anymore, ya know? I honestly have to say, that I've never felt like this before. Not even with
Heather. I just want to make her mine and have her with me all the time." he said.

Hearing him talk, she couldn't help but smile. She loved her son and wanted nothing more than
happiness for him. Knowing he had been struggling for a few years now and believing if he
had a good woman standing beside him, that would make it easier for him. She believed he
had found that woman. "Take a different approach, son. A longer engagement, maybe?
You have to give Ava some time. Talk to her more about it. I'm sure Harley will understand."
she advised him. "And you will both just have to travel back and forth for a while, until Ava
is ready." Richie nodded, "Thanks, Mom." he said leaning over to kiss her cheek. "I'm
gonna go see if Ava will talk to me." he said, leaving the table.

After a few knocks on the door and Richie telling her to let him in, Ava opened the door.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart." he said as he walked in. "I'm sorry for so many things, but if you
will take a few more minutes to listen to me, please?" he asked. Ava walked over to her
bed and plopped down on it. "Sure" she said, un-enthused. Richie walked over and sat down
beside her on the bed. "I've decided to wait. We can have a long engagement and wait
till your ready. Until you get to know her more. I love you, Ava, but I love her too. I want
you both apart of my life and I want you both happy. So until then, we'll travel to see each
other. Is this okay for you?" he asked. Ava shrugged her shoulder's, "Daddy, I want you happy.
I really do. Aside from her music and what I've read about her, I really don't know her. I'm
just asking for a little time. So, yes, that works for me. Thank you." she said, hugging him.

Richie stepped out of Ava's room. Thinking to himself, how does he explain this to Harley.
Will she understand. Again, Richie was stressing and you could tell. He clenched his jaw
when he was stressed, without even realizing it.

Harley had been in Richie's room this entire time. Reeling in her own excitement and shear terror
with the idea of marrying again. But she loved him and wanted to be with him. To make him
happy, would make her happy. Richie walked in and saw her sitting on the chaise lounge chair.
His heart nearly jumped out of his chest, just to look at her. His stress seemed to dissipate.
Richie sat down on the bed. Harley sat up and asked, "How did it go?". Richie took
a deep breathe, "Not the way I hoped it would. Harley, I need you to listen to me, darlin'.
Really listen and don't speak until I'm done. Can you do that?" he asked. "Okay" she said.

"I love you! I meant what I said, when I asked you to marry me, but I think you and Ava need
to get to know each other a bit first. So this is my proposal to the situation. We have a long
engagement. The summer is coming, so we will go stay with you in Nashville and when school
starts, we will come back to LA. I'm hoping that by next spring, we will be married. As for
Denise, I will handle that. I'll do it right here with you in front of me. I need you to trust  me
and feel secure in how I feel about you. Let her play her games. Because the bottom line here,
baby, is that I want nobody but you. Is that acceptable? Can you do this with me?" he asked.

Harley looked down at the floor for a minute, thinking. Thinking of the email Denise sent her.
Thinking of all the back handed things Denise has done. If she left Richie, Denise would win.
Was Richie worth the fight? "Harley?" he called to her, waiting for an answer and getting
scared she would say no. Richie leaned forward, touching her face and pulling her chin up, so
she would face him. She looked deep into his eyes and saw it all. Her love for him, they're
marriage, they're future. She whispered, "Yes, I can do this." because he was worth the

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chapter 41

For the first time, Harley woke before Richie. Taking the opportunity to go down
by the pool and drink her coffee. Touching base at home quickly. Making sure
things were being handled, in her absence.

Harley felt like she had been away forever. Loving the warmth and sunshine of
California but to have a horse there, you'd need to head upstate. Catching up
on her emails from her iPad, she wondered if Richie's Mom was awake.
Feeling obligated to go say 'Good morning' but just needing some down time
before she would meet Ava.

While skimming through her emails, she see's an address from someone she isn't
familiar with. Subject line simply read, 'Richie". Catching her attention immediately,
she opened the email. Harley's eyes flew open when she read the rest of the

"He's Mine!!! There isn't another living soul that can love him and please him the way
I can! Go back to your farm, sweetheart, and stay away from him. ~ D"

How this woman had nerve. Putting her iPad down, she sat forward in her lounge
chair. Rubbing her hands over her face. Harley kept asking herself, was this the way
it was going to be forever? A constant fight for his love? Could she be strong enough
to handle it?

"Morning baby! " his scruffy morning voice said. Pulling her hands away and looking
up at him, "Hey you." she answered back. "Can I sit with you?" he asked her.
"I don't know, can you? Maybe you should call and ask Denise first?" she said, with
a tinge of bitterness in her voice.

There it was, he thought. He knew last night couldn't white wash it forever. "I don't need
to ask anyone but the woman I want to sit next to." he said, as he sat down, facing her.
"Your still pissed about last night?" he asked.

"I was willing to wait to talk about it, but quite frankly, Rich, I'm just about worn thin
on my patience for this woman." Reaching for her iPad and opening the email, she
handed it to him, with a blank and unemotional expression on her face.

He read it out loud. Closing his eyes and hanging his head, while running his hands
over his face and through his hair. Harley could see the worry and stress on his face.
"I'm sorry, Richie. I'm sorry to add this to your life." she put her hand on his face,
cupping his cheek in her palm. Looking in his chocolate brown, worried and furious

Harley let out a deep sigh, "Maybe I'll just..." and she stopped for a moment. Wanting
to make sure this is the right thing to say. "go home today.", taking her hand off his
face. Harley looked away but Richie followed her, not letting her close down.

"Is that what you want?"
"No! It's not! I told you what I wanted. I want you. But I don't want this." she said,
pointing to her iPad. "and honestly? I don't know that I can ask you to stay away
from her. I don't have that right. I feel like I have to fight for you and it's not that
your not worth the fight, but come on, Rich. Would you want to have to work so hard
for me, from jump?"

Richie nodded with understanding, but really at a loss of what to say and still over come
with sadness. "I don't want you to go. I don't know how to make it better for you, darlin'."
he said. "Seriously? You could maybe start by not engaging her. She feels an
entitlement, Richie. One that goes beyond friendship. Every call you answer,
every time you see her, it strengthens her emotional hold on you. She's gonna do
everything she can to ensure we don't make it." she said. "I'll talk to her." he said.

"Did you not just hear what I said to you?", throwing her hands in the air, as if to say
she's done. "This is too much for me. I'm going home. I'm sorry." she said, looking in his
eyes, she felt broken and beaten. Feeling tears begin to well up in her blue eyes, she just
wanted to love him. Seeing her tears fall down her cheek, Richie reached up to wipe them
away, when Mrs. Sambora stepped outside, "Hey kids, I made breakfast for you both."

Harley quickly turned her back to them both, wiping her own tears away. "Thanks, Ma.
Be there in a minute." he answered back. Turning around putting all his attention on her.
He touched her left shoulder.

Harley stood quickly, without looking at him. "Go eat." she said. "Please explain to your
Mom that I have to go." grabbing her iPad, she went inside. Not seeing Mrs. S. as she
headed up to the bedroom. Harley walked over to the balcony and looked out over at Richie
below. He was still sitting quietly when he stood. He looked calm but out of nowhere, he
kicked the chair as hard as he could, screaming out, "Fuck" as the chair toppled over.

Startling Harley, forcing her tears to fall again. Sitting on the bed, she grabbed her
phone to schedule her flight. Looking at his pillow, running her hand over the sheets.
The incredible love they made last night still lingered. The bedding hadn't been
washed yet. The smell of sex was still in the room. "American Airlines, Hello?"
broke her thought.

Harley was in the middle of booking her flight when the door flew open and Richie
rushed inside, yelling out "Wait!". "Hold on a moment, please?" she asked the agent.
Putting her phone down to hear him out, "quickly" she said.

"Baby, please don't go. What we have and what we share is more important than
anything she can do or say to us. I love you and I need you." he said. "Richie, I..." she began
to speak, when he dropped to his knee's in front of her, stopping her next words.

"I don't make a habit out of begging any woman, Harley. I'm in love with you and I want
to love you forever. Marry me, Harley! Spend the rest of your life with me." he said. As
those words came out of his mouth, Harley dropped the phone to the floor.

"How is that going to fix this?" she asked. "Do you love me?" he asked. "Yes, very much, I
do." she answered. "You have to trust me then and just know that it will all be ok." he
assured her.

"Marry me!" he repeated, with more earnest. "Richie, I haven't even met Ava yet. She may
not like me. Maybe you need to talk to her first." she said. Harley wanted to make sure
all area's were covered before giving an answer to his question that may be taken back later.
Or one that he will regret asking later.

"She already loves you. You will love her. MARRY ME!" he said.
A slight smile appeared on Harley's face. She loved him and believed in him.
Harley began to nod slowly, "Yes, I'll marry you." she whispered, as she slid down
on her knee's in front of him, wrapping her arms around his neck, in a tight embrace.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

After what seemed a lifetime, but in actuality was only five minutes, Richie said "goodbye"
to Denise. Choosing to not tell her that Harley was upset over this call. That was always
a mistake he made in past relationships. Sharing too much with Denise. For some
bizarre reason, he couldn't figure out why he felt so protective of this one. Feeling
the need to keep everything private, for only he and Harley to share.

Richie continued to sit there for a few minutes, thinking about what to do to make her
less angry. But he wondered if she was really angry or hurt. Remembering the look in her
eyes when she looked at him, after seeing it was Denise that caused him to walk away
from her. It expressed disappointment and hurt.

Deciding to just let it come to him as he saw fit at the time. Half expecting her to be packing
her things as he walked in but much to his surprise, Harley was laying in bed, covered with
a down filled comforter, with a candle lit next to her bedside.

Walking over to her, peeling off his shirt, then dropping his pants, he heard a slight sniffle.
Telling him she had been crying. There it was. A feeling he hadn't felt for anyone, since

Richie immediately dropped to his knee's, beside her. "Tell me what you want." he said soft
and low. Harley rolled over and looked at him on his knees before her. "All of you." she
replied with ease.

Gently, Richie pulled the comforter down, exposing Harley's beautiful body, dressed in a satin
and lace, black teddy. Running his hand down her right leg, he slid her leg off the side to dangle
next to him and licked the inside of her thigh. He licked a trail, until he was kissing her
softness, like a long lost lover. Lingering, loving, swirling his tongue as he deepened the kiss.
Sucking, licking, drinking the juice as it ran freely from her, "Oh God, Baby! You taste so good!"
he whispered.

He began to move faster, adding a finger inside her, as her breath came in gasps. She was
so close, and he was going to feel it with his tongue. Harley spasmed, moaning out his name,
"Richie! Oh baby, yes!"

Richie closed his mouth over her, holding her hips with his hands, drinking from her. It was
amazing and Harley wanted more. Riding the wave of the incredible orgasm she just had,
quietly, she begged him to come up on the bed with her.

Crawling on the bed to her. He crawled up her body, his chin and mouth wet from her honey.
A beautiful, yet seductive smile on his face. As he leaned over her, he took one hand and
wiped down his face. "Damn baby! You are incredible!" he growled.

Both trying like hell to remember the guest in the house. "More!" was all she could get out,
as she grasped at him. He chuckled at her impatience and slowly slid his massive cock
inside her tightness. Her muscles were still clenching from her orgasm, causing him to suck
a breath in quickly, at the sensation, as he entered her. "Ooooh, shit!" he groaned out, as
he struggled to maintain control.

Richie closed his eyes and breathed deeply, this woman could unravel him like no other.
But he needed to give her more, 'All of him', like she had requested. To do that, control
was a must. He sat back on his heels, buried deep inside her, grabbing her hips and pulled
her snug against him.

Pulling her teddy over her head, freeing her breasts, baring her to him. His breathing was
steady but ragged, with his control. Harley could see his heart pounding in his beautiful chest,
and he could see hers fluttering. Richie leaned down to kiss it. He lingered for a moment
at each soft breast, teasing them with his tongue. Making her shiver as his breath and wetness
went over them. Harley was still begging, gripping at his hips and thighs. She needed to feel
him moving.

Slowly at first, he began to move in and out of her, feeling her insides grip him and hold on
as he pulled away. The feeling of pushing back into her, so tight, squeezing his dick like a fist.
Richie lay back down over her. Leaning on one arm as he put his hand down between them
and rubbed around her wetness. Touching both of them, rubbing them together, feeling
the wetness on his fingers. He played with her lips as he slid faster, in and out.

"My sweetheart." he whispered. He stared into Harley's eyes, watching her, as she started to
lose control again. Timing it just right, he leaned on both arms and pounded into her until
his balls were hitting against her. Just as she began to scream out a second orgasm, she grabbed
a pillow to cover her moans.

Richie smiled down at her, watching her gasp for air, her eyes closed. She was beautiful and

Harley was spent but she wanted more of him. Just to feel him cum inside her, to OWN him.
It was Richie's turn to lose control and she was going to watch and enjoy. Richie had
other idea's. He was in no hurry. He slid himself almost out of her, till just his thick tip
was inside. Leaning on his elbows, playing with her hair, he touched her face, "Baby, I
love you so much." he whispered, as he kissed her gently and then passionately pushing his
tongue into her mouth. He kissed her like he had her other lips earlier. With wild abandon,
sucking, nipping, and playing.

While his hands strayed all over her body, he whispered sweet words to her. "Your body fits
me perfectly" and "your hair is so soft. The candlelight makes it glow". Richie began to softly
make love to Harley. Gently, staring into her eyes. He pushed in all the way and just as slowly,
pulled back until his head was almost out. His chest rubbed lightly over her breasts, teasing
her nipples, as he moved his body over hers.

The whole time he talked to her. Telling her how she felt to him. He could feel all her muscles
pulling at him, how wet she was for him. On and on, he talked. Harley's hands ran all over
him, into his soft hair, gripping it and pulling. Running her hands along his broad shoulders,
and down his tattooed muscles. Her nails drug along his back. Harley was amazed by watching
his face, the sincerity in his eyes, the love shining out of them. Tears began to fall from the
corners of her eyes.

Suddenly Richie growled out. He had to release himself. Grabbing a handful of her hair and
moving her head to the side, he grazed his teeth along her neck, as he slammed into her, over
and over. Cumming so hard, Richie threw his head back, shouting out “OOOHHH, GOD!” His neck was bare to her, her hands went to it, feeling his muscles there bulge as he came.

Richie had his eyes closed, struggling to suck in air. Tears fell freely from Harley now at this beautiful moment they had shared. Richie leaned over her on his elbows again, his mouth open, chest still heaving. His eyes slowly opened again to look down at her face. He held her face in his palms feeling her tears. He gently kissed them away. "Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. I promise to never
hurt you like that again. Forgive me?" he asked. "I love you but you realize we have to talk
about this more soon." she said, not offering it as a question but more of a demand. "I know and
we will. Just not tonight, please?". Harley knew he just wanted to enjoy the moment they were
in and not spoil it. She agreed to wait.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

While both his ladies were sleeping soundly, Richie made phone calls, scheduled meetings,
and planned a nice family dinner for the three of them.

As Richie thought about it, he was relieved Harley met his Mom today and Ava tomorrow.
Overwhelming Harley wasn't what he wanted to do.

Harley only slept for an hour but that was all she needed. It was a very deep sleep.
Walking into the kitchen, to get herself a drink of water, Richie was sitting at the breakfast
nook. "Hey" she said, leaning over to give him a peck on his cheek.

"Hey darlin. Nice rest?" he asked. Harley nodded, pulling down a glass.
"I didn't realize you were so tired today. I'm sorry!" he said.

"Don't be. I really slept well last night. So I shouldn't have needed a nap. Must be what you've
been doing to my body that's wearing me out." she said with a wink and a smile.

"I can stop if you like, sweetheart!" he said, returning her wink and smile.
Harley put out her best pout, simply to say "NO!".

Richie stood and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her, "Oh honey! Don't pout.
I promise to keep you completely exhausted." he told her, kissing her softly at first, slowly,
he took the kiss deeper. Both Harley and Richie were lost in the embrace and kiss, when
his Mom walked in.

Mrs. Sambora thought she could either speak or clear her throat to interrupt them. She opted to
clear her throat, maybe less of a shock. She was hungry and ready for dinner. Clearing her throat
was effective, as Richie and Harley instantly backed away from each other.

"Mom, how was your nap?" Richie asked. Mrs. S. could see her son was flustered. "It was fine,
Richie. I was thinking about dinner." she said, hoping he had suggestions. "It's only 4 o'clock, Ma.
You eat this early?" he asked. She nodded, "I'm usually in bed at 8 or 8:30. I don't like to eat
too close to bed time."

Richie called his favorite Italian Restaurant, to let them know now was the time to bring it.
Figuring it best to stay in tonight and do the public appearance Monday, all 4 of them.

While the 3 of them sat at the table eating, Mrs. Sambora asked Harley to tell her more about
her husband. "What would you like to know?" she asked, looking slightly uncomfortable,
but enough for Richie to pick up on it.

"Was he a singer too?" she asked. Harley gave her a quick nod, "Yes, he was a very well known
and loved performer." Harley said looking down at her plate.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear. You miss him. I see it on your face. It never goes away." she said.
"Are you sure your ready to move forward with my Richie?" she asked. Harley nearly
choked on her lasagna. "Mrs. Sambora, I do miss Tim everyday. He was a good man.
But he's gone and he's not coming back. Your son, as you know already, is also a
good man. Different than Tim, but wonderful all the same. He makes me happy. I only
hope I can make him as happy." Harley said, regaining her composure.

Richie took another bite of his shrimp Alfredo and abruptly interrupted his Mom before another
question came out for Harley. "I for one, am very excited to see where this is gonna go.
She's a great girl, Ma. She makes me very happy." he said.

"Well then I guess that's all that matters, son. It doesn't upset you that she misses him?"
Richie took a deep breathe. A sign of frustration, Harley thought. Putting her fork down,
Harley reached for his leg under the table, caressing gently and giving a firm squeeze.

"It doesn't bother me at all. It shows great depth, that she can miss him and still love me
to the extent that she does. I would be more concerned if she had no feelings for him at all,
ya know?" he said, putting his hand under the table and placing it on Harley's.

Changing the direction of the conversation, "What would you like to do tonight, Mom?"
"I think I'd like to relax and watch a movie. Would that be alright?" she said, looking over
at Harley. Everyone agreed, that would be a wonderful way to end the day.

The movie ended a little after 9. Harley looked over at Mrs. Sambora, who was asleep in her
chair. She nudged Richie, to make him aware. "Like clockwork" he said softly. Waking her and
helping her to her room. "Are you all set?" he asked. "I'm good, honey." she said, giving him a
hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight.

Richie came back out and sat next to Harley. "Your Mom really is adorable. She clearly loves
you so much." she said. "She worries, too much!" he said. "Mom's do that" Harley told him.
Richie caressed Harley's cheek with his fingers. Gazing into each other's eyes, he began to
lean in for a kiss, when his phone rang. Looking over at it, then choosing to ignore it and get
back to Harley. His lips parted on hers. She had no choice but to surrender to him. He
was everything she could want. Sinking deeper into the kiss, when his phone went off again.
First a call, then text, then another call. Pissing him off, he reached for it.

'Urgent Message from Denise', is what he read. He stood up and walked away from Harley.
Opening the text, it read, "Things are bad. I really need to talk to you!"

Richie looked at Harley, "Baby, I gotta make a call. I'm so sorry. I'll just be a sec. I promise."
Harley understood, thinking it was Ava. "It's ok. Go!" Richie stepped out onto the back patio,
dialing Denise.

Harley sat there, on the couch for over 20 minutes. Watching him on the phone. He was getting
angry at times and at other times, he was soft and sweet. Harley thought that Ava must be
in some sort of trouble, when the home phone rang. Harley answered it but was shocked to
hear it was Ava calling her Dad. She explained to Ava, that her Dad was outside on the phone.

Waiting another 20 minutes and what seemed like forever, she walked outside, to get his
attention. He abruptly stopped speaking, as Harley walked up to him. Putting the phone to his
side. Harley reached for his hand and held up the phone to see who he was talking to.

Looking up into his eyes, after reading it was Denise. She simply dropped his hand and said
"Tell Denise, I said 'Hello'. Goodnight, Rich." He frowned, "Baby!" he said, as Harley
turned around and walked back inside. Not turning back to look at him. He knew he had
fucked up and would have to fix this. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he brought the phone
back up to his ear and sat back down. He didn't want to leave Harley waiting long. He knew
the longer he made her wait now, the worse it would be.